Where to buy steel building materials?

Results 1 — 24 of 531 · Get free shipping on qualified metal products or shop online and pick up in-store today at the Building Materials Department. Our high-quality steel construction kits make construction cheaper, faster, easier and more efficient. Instead of buying all your materials separately and hiring a contractor, Worldwide Steel Buildings offers you everything you need, in one convenient package. Panel closures and ventilation foam keep insects and other animals out, and allow your home to ventilate properly.

The fasteners are tailored to the size of the panels and are an accessory to a roofing project that should not be missed during initial construction. Our pre-engineered construction systems are ideal for many agricultural uses, including closed and open type structures for housing agricultural equipment, protecting livestock, workshop buildings, or storage sheds. We can accommodate large open spans, roof canopy style,. New York metal buildings allow for clearer interior space and customization options and, in fact, can be cheaper to build per square foot than wooden structures.

Metal trusses that are strong enough and easy to install, can be used for all types of prefabricated metal buildings. Select from a wide range of design sizes and colors so that your building can maintain a consistent look and, at the same time, offer accessibility to meet your needs. We specialize in commercial steel buildings that are ideal for all types of residential, commercial, agricultural, manufacturing, workshop and warehouse functions. Worldwide Steel Buildings designs its metal construction kits to be of professional quality and easy to assemble.

Make your metal buildings highly versatile and explore all the customization options with 14 gauge and 12 gauge galvanized square tubing.

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